Should The State of California make the 7,600 Almond Farmers Pay for Their Ground Water Rights?

Why No Stop new Building and leave the Almond Farmers and their Families alone?

Zob Zaris
1 min readJul 9, 2021


What if the weather changing is not climate related?

What if the changing weather is part of the universe’s master plan.

What if over building is to be slowed or halted instead.

What if California is to learn from what happens in Las Vegas, I know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The water rights should not be changed because that would be like the state taking something that does not belong to them. Most call it sealing.

Would the state go to a millionaire or billionaire and just take their money, not likely.

What if the famers found gold or oil under their land, would the State of California feel they were entitle to that too, I think not.

So State of California come to your senses and keep you grabbing hands off the water rights of others.

Thank you for listening.



Zob Zaris

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