I Do Not Un-Fucking-Stand

Politics, Religion and Sex, Three Topics Not Openly Discussed 50 Years Ago.

And the Sign Said Only Vaccinated People Need to Apply

Zob Zaris
2 min readSep 6, 2021


Now they are all out in the open and add to that list vaccination status.

If vaccination status can disqualify you for employment, when will the others, Politics, Religion and Sex, be close behind. Can owning a gun then disqualify you to work?

When only vaccinated people can apply for jobs, does that qualify as discrimination?

Requirements for vaccination will drive social inequality further apart. Our society still wrestles with racial inequality after years of attempts to solve this issue for many. Do we really need to add another brick in the wall?

The divide between vaccinated and unvaccinated would add to the inequality list that already has too many categories.

When renting a place to live, they could require proof of vaccination.

You can purchase nothing from this business without proof of vaccination.

Attending any indoor event could require proof of vaccination.

The list here can go on and on.

Vaccination status is the beginning of legalized discrimination.

If they can use your vaccination status against or in your favor, when is your sexual orientation, political affiliation, or religious preferences or no affiliation far behind?

Vaccination ID

ID for vaccination proof is part of the bigger plan for more controls on society and fewer freedoms.

What will be next?



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