I Do Not Un-Fucking-Stand

Now is not the time to charge your electric vehicle.

The Government Is Telling Everyone to Conserver Electricity, so Do Not Charge Your Vehicle.

Zob Zaris
2 min readJun 17, 2021


It can all be too confusing, at least for me, and maybe you.


We want a greener planet, and so electric is the way to go. And for that we have a lot of people thinking and building electric vehicles to ween off fossil fuel.

We also want to cut down on the use of coal to create electricity. How is that going?

Reality Check in

We already are over subscribed the the current amount of electricity available. In the last twenty years we have added more and more demand on the electrical grid.

We have added more electronic devices in the past twenty years, including air conditioners on new and existing homes.

Ten years ago ERCOT was in trouble

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, is the nonprofit that manages the flow of power to Texans. Or in this case miss-managed the infrastructure that provides electrical power to Texas.

During the last chilling winter storm they cut power to many Texas people. They cut power unequally to the communities. Because of a clause that the State Government allowed to be in place some people were charged thousands of dollars, and the money was ACH withdrawn from their accounts.

I have not head of any plans to update the electrical infrastructure in the United States, or any individual state.

Pacific Gas and Electric on the west coast has had there mismanagement issues for many years.

Responsible and Accountable

So instead of holding elected officials and hired CEOs and management responsible and accountable, with consequences, we are considering allowing the United States Federal Government the option of attempting to fix the twenty years of deferred maintenance by levy taxes and managing something they may not be the best at.

Anyone have any power ideas?

I have one, put thousands of solar collecting satellites up next to the Internet satellites and have them beam down the electrical energy to earth collector stations around the globe.



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