Have You Ever Received a Business Card You Could Not Read

Zob Zaris
2 min readMay 22, 2021

I recently receive one from an Optometrist.

Photo by Anomaly on Unsplash

The card above is what it looked like to me, and I was wearing older corrective lenses.

According to UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine.

“The path to becoming an optometrist is not as long as an ophthalmologist’s, but it still takes a minimum of seven to eight years to complete. Usually, a student must have completed their bachelor’s degree (although some schools accept three years of college) before applying to a four-year optometry program.”

When creating a business card, in my example, with sight impairment reader in mind, should not the design of the card consider larger instead of smaller print?

Was there a business class and one that included some marketing aspects in those years of college?

In My Opinion

In this observation we have two fields a Marketing and a Optometrist who create a business card for a potential customer. That future customer who needs to enlarge the advertisement, in this case a business card, I did that with my smartphone, to call or see the website address.

Ok, maybe the Optometrist dis not engage a Marketing person, and single hand created or ordered the cards online.

Maybe I will call them and let them know

If you have observed a similar event, share it in the comments.



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